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I’m yet to meet a super-mum who doesn’t have a down day. Big Sister Club is a place to be true, without judgment. A place where others are experiencing what being a mum is all about.

Even after having four grown up children, juggling work and family time doesn’t always come easy. I have days where I feel that I could fall in a heap and sleep for a week. I have days where everything I do seems to work against me. And, there are those days that no matter how many times I sweep the floor or tidy the house, crumbs are back and mess seems to accumulate behind me.

I have ratty days, as do my kids. I too can be temperamental, impatient, and simply exhausted. I’m no different than the next mum. I try to be the best mum I can be, but I’m human…I make mistakes as often as I get it right, sometimes more. But, I’m ever learning, every evolving, in the hardest, most rewarding, role I’ve ever played…being a mum!

Don’t beat yourself up after a bad day…head over to the Big Sister Club and share what you’re going through…my bet is that you are not alone!

❤ Renee Snow ❄️ 

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