Two Lines

The anticipation of waiting for lines to appear on a pee stick allows enough time for every emotion between excitement and dread to kick in…

OMG! What if it’s positive? OMG! It’s going to be negative. How on earth am I going to tell my partner? What are my parents going to say? What will everyone think? How do I tell the kids when they’re old enough to have children of their own? How much alcohol did I drink last week? There’s no way I’m going to fit in those cute jeans I just bought when winter kicks in. Will I ever fit into those cute jeans I just bought? I’ve never worn them.

Sound familiar? The barrage of questions and freak out moments will vary from one person to the next. It’s amazing how many thoughts a woman is capable of internalising in just a few minutes. 

And, when the result is issued, no matter how many lines appear, the barrage of questions will undoubtedly begin again, unless shock kicks in and your mind goes blank for self-preservation against overload.

“Two lines means positive…”

When the doctor starts talking about the supplements you’re required to take, foods best to avoid, upcoming tests you need to have, and decisions you need to make, you manage to listen, take note, and process information beyond the cute jeans you may never get to wear…and all for the teeny tiny pea sized being growing inside of you. 

For the rest of the day the questions will flow like water from a tap…are you smiling, panicking, or sobbing into tissues…or perhaps all three…

We all experience the moment in different ways, none of which are right or wrong. Just remember to be kind to yourself.

Renee Snow ❄️